Rough soles: How to get through the winter safely and fashionably

Who doesn’t know the question about the right footwear in winter? Icy and slippery roads don’t make this question of style any easier. The selection usually consists of an elegant pair – chic but impractical – and functional footwear – practical but not exactly fashionable. This winter we don’t have to decide anymore, because with this new shoe trend we can have both.

©Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

We give rubber

There were times when fashion was not made for the appropriate season. Shoes with thin, slippery soles were our companions on the slippery roads for a long time. Tips on how to take small steps and, if possible, walk along the house wall reduce the risk of slipping and make everyday life easier. The more elegant fashion variation? Thick soles with heavy rubber profiles!

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