Sweatshirts that you need now!

© Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash


90’s Galore
Asos White is – finally – also available for men. The subline is available for men for the first time and is now available online. The inspiration for the autumn-winter collection this year was classic 90s styles. One of our favorites and timeless basic is this oversize sweatshirt. At this point: Courage for width, dear readers. In the office you stay this winter with knitted sweaters cut close to your body, in your leisure time it can get far and loose again. Small tip: Perfect (and above all comfortable) companion on air travel.

Patterns come and go, stripes stay. While this winter we prefer to buy suits with pinstripes, the (beware, now comes a joke) zebra look also works outside the office outfit. Small advantage: Vertical stripes make the silhouette optically slimmer, as long as the piece fits well and is not too tight. And while the set of jacket and trousers can of course always be worn with suits, the rest of the look remains calm here. In this way you protect your fellow men from eye fatigue.

Logo mania
Statement pieces with logo prints have been celebrating their revival for many seasons and have become indispensable. But why only use a logo when you can have 40? The logo sweater of the hour comes from Tommy Hilfiger, more precisely from the subline Tommy Jeans. We recommend a good fitting blue jeans, white sneakers and… good mood. That makes the look twice as good.

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