3 ways to wear a jacket without a shirt

1. The New Standard 


Simple, casual and modern:This look is currently establishing itself as a business classic.Because it covers less skin than a turtleneck sweater, a crewneck is more present.Attention: If your chest hair sticks out at the top, then this sweater is not suitable:You’re a turtleneck man!


2. Summer Option 


It was once considered a taste sin to wear short sleeves under a jacket.A few summers later this taboo has fallen.A polo shirt makes the look particularly sporty and is therefore more suitable for informal situations.Important: do not choose a piqué fabric, but woven wool or cotton.Button up for maximum elegance.


3. The cool alternative for very hot days

The T-Shirt

With a T-shirt, a suit can be perfectly dressed down.If the jacket is made of wool, the T-shirt must be made of silk, nylon or wool – a matt cotton jersey does not harmonise with fine suit fabrics.


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