Turtleneck Sweater: The Classic and an Icon


Since the early 70’s the Turtleneck never lost its relevance and its wearers have always demonstrated a sense of style. For people like Steve Jobs it became obligatory and was as much a part of his uniform as blue jeans and the white sneakers. Since then, the turtleneck has stood above all for classic and durability.

@Vinaik.com – Ray Vinaik

Origin in sportswear

In the 19th century the Turtleneck was not established as part of the elegant everyday outfit, but rather as sportswear on the golf and hockey field. This was mainly due to its practical cut: it kept the upper body and neck warm without the need for an additional, disturbing scarf. For this reason, the turtleneck is still popular among sailors today, protecting them from wind and weather on the high seas.

How to combine it properly

As a turtleneck always brings a certain elegance, it is perfect for the colder season in the office. It is best combined with fabric pants or dark jeans. A trench coat goes with it. If you like it more casual, go with a leather jacket. One of the most popular models is the black turtleneck, but it is also worthwhile to choose other colors such as navy, light gray or camel. The turtleneck keeps you warm without the need for an additional accessory.

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