How to protect yourself against viruses

A few simple measures help to protect yourself better against viruses. Seven simple hygiene tips help reduce the risk of catching colds, flu and gastrointestinal infections. #1 Wash hands and keep away from face Cold viruses, in particular, are very often spread through the hands. So wash your hands regularly – especially before preparing food…


Healthy through the winter with these vegetables

Healthy through the winter: Regional winter vegetables not only taste good, they are also very healthy. They are harvested fresh, land on the plate after a short time and provide many important vitamins and nutrients. These are sometimes lost in imported goods during the long transport routes. In addition, seasonal vegetables are usually quite inexpensive….


Power woman Beyonce does it. Victorias´s Secret Model Miranda Kerr as well. And also XXL muscle pacts like Terry Crews and Hugh Jackman swear by it. We’re talking about intermittent fasting – probably the brightest diet star in the fitness sky today. INTERMITTENT FASTING: THE RULES OF THE GAME! No counting of calories, no boycott…