Non-Alcoholic Gin for New Year’s Eve 2021

There have been so many New Year’s Eve’s that you can’t remember, the reason: too much alcohol!To help you remember the last section of 2020 and the new beginning of 2021, there are non-alcoholic versions for all gin lovers. Here are the alcohol-free gins for a headache-free start to the New Year. Gin Seedlip Spice…

Did you know that water is your body‘s most important nutrient?

Drinking water is the most important foodstuff. However, water is not only needed to quench thirst and prepare food. A large amount of water is also used for hygiene and in the production of many goods. In the USA, average per capita water consumption is currently around 200 liters per day; in Central Europe, the…

Healthy through the winter with these vegetables

Healthy through the winter: Regional winter vegetables not only taste good, they are also very healthy. They are harvested fresh, land on the plate after a short time and provide many important vitamins and nutrients. These are sometimes lost in imported goods during the long transport routes. In addition, seasonal vegetables are usually quite inexpensive….


Power woman Beyonce does it. Victorias´s Secret Model Miranda Kerr as well. And also XXL muscle pacts like Terry Crews and Hugh Jackman swear by it. We’re talking about intermittent fasting – probably the brightest diet star in the fitness sky today. INTERMITTENT FASTING: THE RULES OF THE GAME! No counting of calories, no boycott…

How do you cream your facial skin correctly in winter?

You think you can reach for the cream every now and then in winter, and that’s it? Summer may still forgive one or two negligences – the cold temperatures in winter are more ungracious. The explanation is simple: the colder the air, the drier it is and the more moisture it extracts from our skin….